Health, Wellness and Disease Management

Health, Wellness and Disease Management

Health is not merely the absence of disease but is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being.
-World Health Organization (1948)

At El Paso Health, we believe that a person is happy when they are healthy at all levels of the body. These are mental, emotional, physical, social and even spiritual levels.

Eating healthy, feeling happy, being at healthy weight and getting enough physical activity are important to stay healthy. If these aren’t goals for you and your family, learn about why they should be.

Being mentally, emotionally, physically and socially healthy gives you a better quality of life. This saves you extra trips to the doctor, hospital and emergency room. When you are healthy, you can take better care of your family. You can raise your kids to be healthy for life. It’s the best gift you can give them!

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People with chronic illnesses can also be healthy
Sometimes, people are born or diagnosed very young with a chronic disease like asthma or diabetes, or even heart problems. Do you think a person with chronic illness can still be healthy? The answer is yes!

It is all about keeping it under control. When a person does not take care of their chronic illness like they should, problems start. Your health can go down the drain.

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At El Paso Health, we want to help you live healthy. If you need our assistance, please call us at 915-532-3798 or toll-free 1-877-532-3778.