El Paso Health contracts with the following subcontractors to provide services to our members and providers.

Pharmacy Prescription Benefits Manager
Navitus Health Solutions is contracted to provider pharmacy services.
Learn more at https://txstarchip.navitus.com/
Toll free: (877) 908-6023

Vision Services
Envolve Benefit Options is contracted to provide members with vision services.
Envolve Customer Relations – Eligibility & Benefits, Claim Status, Find a Provider
Learn more at https://visionbenefits.envolvehealth.com
Toll free: (800) 334-3937

Behavioral Health Services
Avail Solutions is contracted for the behavioral health services hotline.
Learn more at www.avail.solutions/
Toll free: (800) 510-7730

CRISIS Line STAR: 877-377-6147

CRISIS Line CHIP: 877-377-6184

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) Service
Access2Care is contracted to provide members with NEMT services.
Learn more at https://www.access2care.net/
Toll free: (844) 572-8196