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Welcome to El Paso Health Plan, your gateway to quality healthcare as part of the Medicaid Managed Care STAR+PLUS Program. We're here to provide El Pasoans enrolled in STAR+PLUS with comprehensive health services. El Paso Health collaborates with numerous doctors, clinics, and hospitals to ensure you receive the healthcare you deserve.

Five easy steps to get your plan going:

1. Check the mail for your ID card.

Once you have your ID card, remember to bring it to all your medical visits. If it’s been more than two weeks since you joined and you haven’t received it yet, give us a call at 1-833-742-3127 (TTY 711).

2. Create your online account.

It’s quick and easy. Set up your account using the subscriber ID number on your ID card. Then you can use your online account to get your digital ID card, manage prescriptions, and connect to live chat.

Create your account >

3. Make an appointment with your primary care provider.

A primary care provider is your main doctor. This doctor is listed on your ID card and in your online account. You’ll want to make your first appointment right away. The sooner you have a checkup, the better your doctor will be able to care for you. Remember, you can change your primary care provider at any time.

If you have Medicare, your primary care provider is picked through your Medicare plan and won’t be on your El Paso Health ID card.

Need help making your first appointment? Choose or change your primary care provider to ensure you're getting the health care you need. If you're unsure where to start, call Member Services (1-877-532-3778) for help with making your first appointment.

4. Explore your benefits.

We’re here to help you make the most of your benefits and receive the best possible care. Learn more about your El Paso Health plan by visiting our Benefits page or refer-ring to your member handbook.

Learn about your benefits >

5. Complete your Health Risk Assessment (HRA).

As a new member, you’ll fill out a HRA. It’s a short questionnaire that helps us connect you to the care and doctors you need. You may even be eligible for extra programs and services based on your HRA.

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On-the-go health plan access

The EPH member portal makes it easy to find a doctor, access your ID card, and chat with a live representative
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