Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Transportation to Medicaid Services

You or your child may be able to get free transportation to and from the doctor, dentist, hospital, drugstore or other providers of Medicaid services.

If you or your child need a ride to an appointment, Access2Care, an El Paso Health Partner, may be able to help you with:

  • Public transportation, like the city bus.
  • Money to purchase gas.
  • A taxi or van service.
  • Commercial transit, like a bus or plane, to go to another city for an appointment.

How to request a ride:

Call Access2Care at least two workdays before your appointment or five days before the appointment if it is outside your county.

STAR and CHIP members call: 844-572-8196

STAR+PLUS members call: 855-584-3530

Access2Care Call Center Representatives consists of highly qualified and trained individuals, fluent in both English and Spanish and they can assist you if you need interpreter services.

  • Access2Care toll free TTY phone number is 711.

When requesting a ride, make sure to have the following information:

  • Medicaid ID number for the person with the appointment.
  • Address and phone number of your pickup location.
  • Address and phone number of your appointment location.
  • Name of the medical professional you or your child will be seeing.
  • Date and time of the appointment.
  • Any unique needs you may have, like using a wheelchair or walker, so the right vehicle can be sent.

You may also be asked for more information about the appointment.