Texas Health Steps

Texas Health Steps is more than just a medical checkup!

Texas Health Steps checkups help your child stay healthy. Checkups are for children from birth through age 20 who have Medicaid (STAR). Your child should have a checkup even if he or she is not sick.

You can learn more about Texas Health Steps by calling toll-free 1-877-847-8377 (1-877-THSTEPS).

Texas Health Steps gives children:

  • Medical Checkups (Including Vaccines)
  • Dental checkups
  • Eye screening and glasses
  • Hearing tests and hearing aids

These checkups will:

  • Help make sure children are growing right.
  • Help make sure children’s teeth are healthy (Once your child turns six months old, he or she needs to see the dentist every six months for a dental checkup).
  • Help find problems early, if there are any.
  • Tell parents what to expect as their child gets older.

If your child has Medicaid with El Paso Health, we will send a Happy Birthday Card every year. Make sure that take the Birthday Card to your child’s Texas Health Steps checkup to receive a gift card!