Case management is a partnership...

Case management is a partnership between your doctor, our case manager and you. El Paso Health case managers keep in contact with you to talk about your physical and emotional health. Our goal is for you to get services that will help you deal with your medical or mental health concern. Case managers can help you coordinate services with your doctor and other community providers. They can also teach you how to be an active participant in your medical care.  All your information is strictly confidential.

Our case managers can be easily reached by calling 915-532-3778 or 1-877- 532-3778. Our team of registered nurses and social workers specialize in the following areas:

  • Pregnancy
    • Our First Steps program works with our pregnant members to make sure they receive early pre-natal care.
    • Our Obstetric Case Management Program works with our pregnant members who have high-risk pregnancies to make sure the mother and the baby are as healthy as possible.
  • Mental Health – Members learn how to find services and get support for their stressful life events or health issues.
  • Social Work – Members receive information and referrals to community resources that help with needs such as food, clothing, and housing.
  • Disease Management – Members with chronic health issues learn how to deal with their symptoms, treatment, and required life-style changes.

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915-532-3778 or 1-877- 532-3778